Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday is Dog Day


As has become the usual tradition, we got up early and took Bender to tracking in the pine forest. He did two tracks, and he did very well. We did some article work today and I got him to pick up the articles by stuffing balls into the socks. It worked. I was also impressed after he picked up the article and gave it to me, and I threw it for him (because it was a ball), I could tell him to 'find it' and immediately his nose went to ground and he was back on the track. It is unheard of for Bender to switch focus from a ball to something else (even food).

After tracking we took both of the dogs for an outing. Now we have a record-breaking long weekend here at the moment - Easter, and then ANZAC day on the end means that everyone has 5 days off work. Before my truck was wrecked, we were going to join the hoards headed out of the metro area. Now I'm glad that we didn't. We went to our regular beach and there was hardly anyone around. Then we bought kebabs and stopped at a local lake to eat them. Again there were very few people around.

Barbie's gonna getcha!!

This is as close as the Swans would allow us to get. I think 'Swan' would be an awesome name for a black greyhound. They both have long necks and their fair share of grace.

Barbie and Bender posing at the beautiful lake with the CBD skyscrapers in the background.

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