Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Day - Tracking and GAP stall

Bender ready for his first real tracking lessons

Bender was a bit confused when we got up and headed out at 7am. We turned onto a dirt road into a place he had never been. His jaw was vibrating in anticipation.

He is a turbo tracker, once he is on the track he takes off like a rocket and I just have to hold on and run. He pulls the lead through my hands so fast I feel like I have rope burn. Gloves next time!

We then rushed home, swapped dogs and drove all the way down to Mandurah for the pacing and chasing carnival.

There we met teeny 21kg Ling.

Ling is waiting for a relief dog to come and take some of the attention

Big Daddy is tired too!

Barbie in her Greyhounds as Pets coat

Barbie did quite well, getting patted by a lot of kids. I gave a young boy a treat so he could get Barbie to sit and give him a high 5. I showed off 'spin' and 'pray' on a park bench. It was a lot quieter than expected - apparently there are usually lots of stalls there but there weren't many today. Barbie was still pretty tired by the end of it.

We swung by my folks place on the way back and Barbie got to hang out with their dogs. The dogs are both exhausted now, so I think it's been a good day for them!

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