Friday, November 30, 2012

I promised some NZ doggie photos!

In the last blog entry I shared my holiday video, and promised photos from our short stay with Beryl, Frankie and Sue of Greyhounds Can Sit.

Well early in the day, Sue's house became Greyhound Heaven, when Stanley and two lovely foster lady greys joined the party.

There was action in the kitchen, and everyone was standing at attention.

Lovely old Lilly with her gammy back leg was so sweet and cheeky. She is being fostered along with Bettina (I hope I remembered her name right) in handsome Stanley's house.

Poor Beryl lost all of her beds to other dogs, and the Princess was quite put out. Here is Bettina hogging Beryl's lounge room bed.

After a bit of time frollicking in the garden, we all loaded up and went to the beach. Stanley likes the water and will dip his belly in it to keep cool. This photo could just as well be a photo of Barbie cooling herself off!

The dogs were tired quickly because it was hot, relatively. Beryl doesn't like to do much when it's more than 18 degrees Celsius. Beryl is actually an Australian, so we made fun of her for being such a wuss. Barbie doesn't start to wilt until the temperature gets over 30 degrees Celsius!

Anyway, we made a second trip to the beach later in the evening in order for Frankie and Beryl to go tearing through the sand dunes.

Frankie says, "what! relax! of course I can drive this thing"

Beryl enjoys showing us her beach when the temperature has dropped and both her ears went up as soon as we entered the sand dunes.

It was really great being able to visit Greyhounds and Frankie whilst we were on holidays in NZ, and Sue is pretty awesome too. I just hope she finds the inspiration to update her blog again some time!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back from NZ

The dogs are tired after their exciting two weeks in the kennel, and the kitties are being somewhat demanding, but we are now home from our flying two week visit to the North Island of New Zealand. While we were there we met up with Beryl, Frankie and Sue from Greyhounds Can Sit. We also met a few of their friends.

I met a lot of kitties on our travels as well, N likes to call me 'The Cat Whisperer'. I will do a bigger post with photos of everyone soon, but in the mean time here is the holiday video. You will spot the other blogging doggies at the end, but there is also footage from the Bay of Islands, a lot of stuff around Rotorua, snow at Whakapapa, basically all the great bits!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Mittens says no to doping

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Lamb Shanks

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Greyhounds as Pets Stall - Canning Show, the afternoon shift

Sometimes, when you talk to many, many members of the public something someone says just sticks with you. Today that was a lady who said that Barbie's head looked like a bike seat. Actually she said all the Greyhounds had heads that looked like bike seats, especially with their eyes closed.

I thought it was hilarious, and laughed for ages. I can see the resemblance, can you?

Barbie doesn't think it is such a funny joke, I think she is afraid I will try to sit on her head now. 

When we first arrived at the Canning Show, I met up with another Greyhounds as Pets volunteer at the gate, but it took us a while to find the GAP stall. The band was in full swing and it gave Barbie a bit of a scare. It also started to rain. In her attempt to find somewhere safe and comfortable, Barbie ran up the steps of the 'gym bus'. The guy at the door seemed to find it amusing, though I had to expend a lot of effort to convince Barbie to get down. 

When we finally found the GAP stall Barbie was a bit rattled and ended up sleeping in the back corner of the tent. It took her a good hour to calm down and come out to meet and greet people. 

In the mean time Nancy, Nigel and Oscar were doing all the work. Nigel was the youngest of the Greyhounds there this afternoon, and he definitely put in the most effort. 

Nigel was also popular because he was the only dog there in the afternoon shift who wasn't black. A lot of people liked to compare him to a tiger. He wasn't very tiger-ish, unless that tiger was actually a teddy bear!

Nigel lives with a lovely four year old hound called Nancy who looks a little like Barbie, enough that her mum asked who Barbie's parents were as she thought they might be related.

Once Nancy and Nigel were both tired, they settled down together on the dog beds. Nancy adores being patted and she spent a lot of time sitting on my feet getting scratches, while Barbie slept in the corner!

Oscar is a very toy motivated character, the kind of dog that would be great to train for agility. He has a thing for balloons, which his mum only discovered when they were at the Royal Show. Kids would come to pat him holding one and he would be trying to steal it! He had gotten quite crafty at trying to nab a balloon for himself, when he went around the back of the tent for a walk, he nosed under the tent. He had realised there was a balloon there and was trying to get to it. He is very gentle with them though and has never popped one. I am not sure if it would put him off though. 

After Barbie had her sleep and settled down after the scary encounter with the band, the rain also cleared up a little bit, and we all stepped out of the stall for a little while. Oscar and Nancy decided to have a little rest, while Barbie and Nigel were patted.

All the dogs did really well, often being patted by multiple people at once. I thought I got a picture of Barbie with a bunch of cute kids but I guess I didn't! I spent more time taking pictures of her friends. 

We were asked to stack everything in the middle of the tent at the end of the day, but Nancy didn't like the beds being moved, so she made sure they wouldn't be taken away. 

Barbie and Oscar gave each other a little kiss as we walked back out to the car park to go home. I think Barbie's favourite part of these meet-n-greets is meeting the other Greyhounds. She was more than happy to play a supporting role to the others. 

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