Thursday, April 14, 2011

200th Post!

To celebrate my 200th post on this blog I thought I would show you Barbie's new trick!

It is 'spin' - when I was first teaching her how to do this, she seemed to get half way through turning (so she was facing away from me)and then not be sure what she was supposed to do. I just called her name then and she turned back around.

She picked it up quickly but not as quickly as some of her other tricks. Bender has been spinning for a while. I taught him by stepping into him while holding the treat over his head. I had to do a more exaggerated arm movement to teach Barbie.

Barbie's trick resume (aside from normal obedience stuff) is starting to grow....

High 5
Touch (my hand with her nose)
Roll over
Play Dead (paw)
Through (hoop, tunnel etc)
Leg weaving (still working on this one)

Next we are going to walk on 'back' and 'curtsey' (bow). I'm also going to work on getting her to pick up items (like socks) in case I decide to try tracking with her (when she has to pick up scent articles). Then perhaps I can teach her to load and unload the washing machine?

I think I might also teach her to turn lights on/off, but I'm not going to teach her to open and close doors, especially the fridge door... she could get up to all kinds of mayhem then.

Any more suggestions of cute tricks to 'wow' the crowds? Or any assistance dog type tricks which don't involve the dog getting into trouble when left inside all day? :)

We have a really big day on Saturday, taking Bender to his first proper tracking class, and taking Barbie to a Greyhounds as Pets stall in the afternoon. Barbie will wow the crowd with her tricks. High 5 and Wave seem to be crowd favorites, but since we are in a grass area I'm sure we can do roll over/play dead and commando as well. Other greyhound people are just impressed when she sits. I really hope I can inspire some of them to do more with their dogs.
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