Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hey kitty, won't you come inside....

On our walk last night there was a very unusual occurence! Barbie got to meet a strange kitty!

We were walking along, minding our own business, and a white kitty was sitting in the shadows near the edge of the road. Barbie saw it and stuck her nose close to it to say hello. It hissed (and possibly batted Barbie's nose). Barbie took a little hop backwards. I think Barbie was a little indignant - all kitties are supposed to be friendly, like her kitties! She didn't pay it much mind though as we continued along the path.

In other news, I have been 'free shaping' with both the dogs to see what dance moves they will come up with for Honey's dancing contest. Barbie offered standing up and resting her front paws on my chest. I think we can use that :) Both dogs are now spinning when I spin, and we keep working on the leg-weaves because, well that is a classic canine freestyle move. There will also be some jumping in the routines, and I have to work commando in there somewhere ;) I still haven't decided on the music but I think we will be doing more of the 'narrative' style.

Also, good news on my truck. The insurance company is going to pay out almost enough money to buy something else of equivalent usefulness. I am thinking about getting more of a station wagon type car since we don't really do the type of serious four wheel driving that requires the clearance my old truck had. A nice condition Subaru Outback is at the top of my list. We are heading to Europe at the end of June for 6 weeks, so when we get back I will start hunting for one. I would like to get one from 1998 - 2001-ish with under 200,000kms on the clock.
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