Monday, April 11, 2011

Doggie Routine....

Now that Barbie has well and truly settled in, she copes much better with changes in the daily schedule.

For instance, yesterday I took them out for another 2 hour walk to Riverside Gardens, and to check out a local school fete on the way back.

Actually, on the way back, we saw a young boy in a pram, and he was very unhappy. He was bawling his eyes out. Then he saw the puppies, and immediately stopped crying! How good is that?

Anyway, after their walk I was tired and so I cleaned a bit, made lunch, and then had an afternoon nap. I fed the dogs and left at about 4 to go to a gig in Fremantle that my friend's band was playing at. I fed them early, and made sure that Bender finished his dinner before I left (if you feed him but then walk out the door, he won't eat!) I didn't get home until 10, and the dogs had done fine. Nothing destroyed, no accidents in the house, nothing. I let them outside but they weren't keen to be out there for long - what is this wet stuff falling from the sky????

Even probably 6 months ago if I went out at night and left them in from 4 - 10 there might have been an accident in the house waiting for me when I get home, but Barbie is totally reliable now (except for the too-much-chicken-liver incident!)

I stayed up until midnight watching the Paris Roubaix, but couldn't stay awake for the finish. Barbie was glad when I finally turned off the TV, and she slept in past 7 this morning!

This is the band that I went to see - they are called Sugarchild. They are a pop band I guess, some of their songs have a lil bit of country in them. I met them at uni and we have been friends ever since. I wonder if I ran a competition to give away one of their CD's if people would be interested?

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