Friday, November 27, 2009

barbie again

She looks like a show dog in this picture, it is hard to believe she didn't race!

Meeting a potential new dog...

I filled out the Greyhounds as Pets survey last week, and it seems like we have good timing. I got a phone call yesterday from one of their coordinators who said that she thought she had the perfect dog for us. She loves to play and so I'm sure that she will be robust enough for my dog's boisterous and energetic nature. She hasn't even looked sideways at the three cats that live with her in her foster home. She is also good with kids, although she is a little bit shy. Apparently all of the dogs that come out of the kennels are a little bit shy of new people. The dogs foster carer rang today to organise a meet - they are coming on Sunday at 10am. The foster carer sent me through a few photos of her because I complained that the photo on the GAP website was too small. Anyway she is in fantastic condition and seems like she has enough muscle to hold her own playing with my dog.

And just for good measure, here is a photo of dear Bender....

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