Sunday, April 3, 2011

Riverside Gardens - Autumn River Festival

Barbie wanted to go and see the Rangers and show them what a good dog she is, but they weren't anywhere to be found.

So today, we went for a ride and bought some new duvet covers. We were gone for half the morning, so when we got back we decided to take the dogs out while there is a car at the house! First we went to City Farmers and bought dog and cat food. Bender was being a bit silly with all the other big dogs there, grovelling on the ground and yipping at them. There was also a pen full of baby chickens there! Barbie had a sniff but she couldn't see them over the big wooden pen they were in.

After City Farmers we went down to Riverside Gardens, where we snapped a few photos. The dogs were smothered with attention. We met two other GAP-parents - people who had Greyhounds from GAP. One of them was in the GAP calendar, and was a big black boy, descended from Brett Lee (if I remember correctly, Beryl from Greyhounds CAN Sit is also related to Brett Lee - he was Australia's greatest racing greyhound).

Barbie went to check out the remote control sailboats.

Barbie wanted to go and see the tiny remote control sailboats. I told her it maybe wasn't a good idea to go swimming with the sail boats...

Bender checks out the SES stand.

Bender asks if he could be a search and rescue dog one day. I told him he needs to get over his fear of unfamiliar noises and walking on steel grates... and he needs to get his tracking champion title too.

Barbie got a little hot so decided to go for a dip.

Barbie got hot and started pulling me down to the water. She soaked herself, while watching a big Saint Bernard doing the same thing. The St Bernard's mum had decided that she wanted to go, but the big dog wouldn't move.

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