Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life without a car - hike to Riverside Gardens!

Bender and tag-along swim back to shore

It's a little over a kilometre from our house to Riverside Gardens, and I have never walked Barbie the whole way down, let her off for a run, and then walked her back.

I didn't know how she would go with the distance, but Bender has struggled with the walk home in the past!

I have also never had them both offleash in an unfenced area by myself before, but I now trust Barbie enough that I don't have to watch her like a hawk the whole time. I also know that she will come back 100% of the time.

Bender had a lot of fun fetching his ball, though he wasn't a fan of the dog competing with him! The little terrier (terrorist) in the video chasing Barbie was also trying to grab on to Bender when he was running, but Barbie stuck herself in between them and diverted the terrier to chasing her. She did do a few full speed laps before she realised none of the other dogs could keep up - but the terrier kept trying! She slowed down for the other dogs (and she was getting a bit worn out by this stage).

All in all it was a good day, though my shoulder is a bit sore from Bender pulling on the lead once he realised where we were walking to.

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