Friday, March 29, 2013

Introducing Mouse (Foster Greyhound)

A friend of mine is a Vet Nurse, and their clinic put the call out to find foster homes for 8 greyhounds. Mouse was suggested to me as a foster who could be OK with the cats. She is a tiny girl of 22 kilograms, who looks like a male whippet.

As you can see, she is absolutely beautiful. She has had no experience as a house dog and very limited experience with non-greyhounds. So far she has done really well with the cats, although she did receive a scratch on her nose from Mittens.

She has been interested in Bender's toys and she has also been hoarding a little bit. She stole Bumblebee's empty toilet roll and stashed it in her crate.

When things get too much she takes herself to her crate. She had a great expression on her face when she first noticed the TV! She has finally figured out that she can't walk through glass windows. She is a little bit timid but I think she will get more confident every day.

I am taking her for her vaccinations and microchip tomorrow, and will get her in to be speyed as soon as possible. 

Being a tiny, white female who is OK with cats she should be snapped up quickly. Though that is what we said about Bumblebee, but he is still here:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Get your Silly Faces on!!!

I have just started following a blog called Husky's Life about a couple of French Husky Crosses called Echo and Link, and they are having a competition where you can win a custom collar! All you have to do is send them a photo of your silly face.

They will post all the photos and the public will get to vote. I know that Honey the Great Dane will enter and it will be very hard to beat her silly faces. I had a look through my photo album and actually thought I would enter Rodney into the competition even though he is not staying with me any more. He could do with a new collar as he grows up!

I thought this silly face was great, Bender and Rodney had a great time wrestling with each other during his short stay.

Barbie often has a silly look on her face, so it was very hard to choose just one photo. I thought this one was the silliest. I am not sure what she was trying to say - she looks like she was in the middle of talking, or perhaps she just ate something disgusting. 

Anyway head on over to visit Link and Echo and enter the competition. I will post a reminder on here when it is time to vote. It would be really nice to win Rodney a collar. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friends in Blogland - Barbie meets Honey the Great Dane

It seems like a very long time ago now that I met my first blogger friend, Sue from Greyhounds Can Sit. We spent some quality time with Beryl and Frankie and it was great, but I had to go all the way over to NZ to do it. Bender and Barbie did not get to join in the fun.

Well our latest blogger friends have actually come to us! Honey and Hsin-Yi (and Paul) from have moved to Perth. Barbie and I met them down at one of our favorite spots, Riverside Gardens, and Barbie and Honey seemed to enjoy each other's company.

You can really see the size difference as they stand together - a lot of people think Barbie is a 'big dog', but as you can see compared to Honey, she is not big at all! Hsin-Yi and Paul were surprised when I told them she only weighed 25 kilograms. Honey is about 70, which is a fair bit heavier than I am.

Hsin-Yi bought her fancy camera along and graciously said I could use her lovely photos on my blog. Capturing Barbie in full flight is a challenge, but she did manage to get one full-speed shot without Barbie's feet even being blurry.

Hsin-Yi also managed to get the only photo I have seen so far with both of Barbie's ears standing straight up! This photo reminded me so much of Sue's photos of Beryl.

There was another Greyhound around for Barbie to race, so she showed off her awesome speed quite a lot. Honey was a little bewildered by Barbie's running abilities - Hsin-Yi said that she hasn't ever seen another dog move like that before. Barbie was just a black blur.

It is so funny meeting people in real life after following their blog for a long time. It is like meeting a celebrity you have been watching on TV. I knew I would have no trouble spotting Honey when she arrived, and I was right. She loomed large over near the carpark and I recognised Paul and Hsin-Yi straight away. Honey is so friendly that she gave me Great Dane cuddles as soon as I was close enough, leaning against my legs. I used to think it was something having a big male Greyhound lean on you, but a Great Dane is something else!

Honey's blog is so popular that we even met a fan of theirs at Riverside Gardens. A young couple with a young Dane pup called Molly. Paul recognised them too from a Great Dane walking group that they had met up with.

Honey and Barbie seemed to be very compatible, they showed a lot of respect for each other and they seemed to enjoy each other's company.

I really enjoyed chatting with Hsin-Yi and Paul, they are both absolutely lovely people and I am looking forward to having many more doggie dates and other catch ups with them in future. It was a pleasure to welcome them to 'my' city.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Who is the top cat?

The addition of a third cat to the household has certainly kindled some rivalry between them. Mittens has always been the bottom cat, and it seems nothing has changed for her.

Today Bumblebee was lying in Mittens' place on the cat tower. She wanted up, so she started hissing, spitting, growling and yowling at him. He simply ignored her and dispatched her with a few swishes of his tail. She gave up after a few minutes and disappeared.

The battle between Froufrou and Bumblebee for ascendency continues. Frou has taken to launching running attacks at Bee, swiping as she gets closer, but never quite connecting with him. Last night Bumblebee caught a cricket. He was ineffectually batting at it with his big fluffy paws. Frou soon realised he had caught something, so she ran over, grabbed it with her paw and then promptly ate it. Bumblebee didn't complain, perhaps he didn't have time to. Frou certainly believes she should be the top cat, but I don't think she has convinced Bumblebee of that.

Bee doesn't really have to do anything to prove himself. He is the big, regal, king of the cats.

He does show his youthful, three year old, exuberance often. He likes to play, and he loves to hide behind the curtains. He also finds himself inventive hidey holes. I left my sleeping bag draped over the chair in order to fluff up the down.

Maybe he wants to come camping with me? 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bumblebee is still here...

There have been some delays in Bumblebee going to a forever home. We don't mind sharing our house with him, he is a lovely boy, but damn, his hair does fill up the vacuum cleaner!

He has been busy exploring every nook and cranny of the house, and he has a bit of a penchant for chewing and licking plastic bags. He also loves bubble wrap.

I think he was hoping to find more bubble wrap inside this box, but he got a surprise instead!

Froufrou and Mittens are still not very welcoming. The dogs don't mind Bee, but he is quite wary around them. He hates it when Bender barks. He spends a lot of time cuddling us on the couch though.

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