Friday, April 1, 2011

Drama in the Hood

Sunday night I heard a car speeding down my street, then I heard a massive bang. I didn't really think much of it but the dogs kept barking and shuffling around so I decided I better go out and see if everyone involved was OK. There were a heap of neighbours standing around as well as the driver and passenger of this vehicle:
Then I saw my car was not where I left it, parked on the grass verge in front of our house. It has been pushed back about 12 metres, which is impressive considering it was in first gear! He had lost control of his vehicle, hit a power pole and my car, and ended up in the parking bays across the road from my house.
I'm not sure if my car is repairable. I am sure the insurance company will let me know some time soon. It means that there will probably be no long camping trips for a while, as N's Honda Civic isn't big enough to fit both puppies and all our camping gear.

I was so pissed off about it at first I was ready to strangle the driver. He only lives down the road, so he was almost home. He was definately speeding - the speed limit is 50kph, there is no way that you do that much damage at 50.

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