Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teaching Barbie to 'wave'

I've decided that I am going to try my hand at making slightly more 'instructive' youtube videos in order for them to be more useful for a wider audience. The problem I guess is that I'm no authority on these things. Barbie is only the third dog I've owned and she's only the second one I've really taught tricks to.

Last night I tried a strategy with shaping 'high five' into a wave. I basically just started asking for a high five, using the high five hand signal, but standing a step away. She did successfully give me a few waves.

This is where Barbie's creativity comes into it though. As I was doing a sit/stay, then the high five (wave), Bender was sitting quite stoically next to Barbie. I asked for a wave from Barbie and got it the first few times, but then she decided that she would try something different. She put her front leg over Bender's shoulders! It was so incredibly cute I laughed and treated her for it. I think we will save that one for later though, I need to get high five and wave solid first.

She also tried pawing Bender in the head a few times because she couldn't reach my hand for the high five. I decided I would stop and give it a go tonight without Bender sitting next to her.

Bender is so beautifully tolerant though, he just sat there and took it when Barbie bashed him in the head with her paw! I guess it is making his sit/stay much more solid!
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