Sunday, February 27, 2011

Froufrou the cat convertor

Froufrou came from an automotive wrecking yard that my dad was working at. He told me about this sweet grey kitten who would sit on his desk all day and purr at him. He ha already taken a few cats home from the yard and didn't have room for her, so he asked me if I would like to have her.

I said of course, because I was getting a puppy too and I wanted them to grow up together.

I borrowed a cat box from a friend and went to the yard with my mum and dad. Froufrou tried to run away because all of the cats in the yard knew that a cat box meant they were going to be taken away. Most of the cats made themselves scarce, except for a big white cat, who was meowing and trying her best to get my attention. My mum had to pick up the white cat and hold her so that dad could catch Froufrou for me. He finally got her and we put her in the box. I drove her an hour home. I wanted to take the white cat too but she struck me as kind of predatory - I thought she would scratch little Bender's eyeballs out.

When I let Frou out of the box she freaked out. She had never been inside a house before.

Eventually she settled down into home life and bonded with Bender puppy despite his habit of chasing and mouthing her.

I went overseas a few times in the first couple of years of Froufrou's life, and we left friends to look after her. Everyone who looked after Froufrou fell in love with her, but she was shy and would take a while to get used to new people.

Then I joined couchsurfing and we had a lot of different people staying with us. Froufrou went from hiding under the couch or bed for two days before coming out to meet people, to being on their laps within the first half an hour.

Frou on your lap purring and rolling around is very very cute. Almost irresistible in fact. She is a class A cuddler.

One of my friends said 'you should have named your cat convertor.'

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