Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camping with Dogs - Equipment List

We often camp in places that are dry and hot, with no drinkable water, so you have to bring your own. People are supposed to drink 3 L per day, and I have learned from my monitoring of the dogs that they drink that much, if not more on days with a high level of activity.

Anyway I decided to do a list of stuff that we bring especially for the dogs on camping trips.

The Tent

We just bought a 4 x 2 man tent which has three doors in the front section. This allows the dogs to lie in comfort in the tent, while watching us through the insect mesh, without getting their bedding dirty and while being protected from flying, biting insects.

Extra Water

The dogs need an extra 3 L per day each just for drinking


I always bring extra treats for the dogs, but since we can't reliably keep a lot of stuff cold, I always bring dog cookies and schmackos


My dogs eat kibble anyway so this one is pretty easy. I just measure out their food into plastic containers that will fit nicely into the car


We have a folding travel water bowl which we bring on hikes, and a solid plastic water bowl for the camp site.

Longer leashes

Barbie's CGC leash is nice and long which is good for rough and rocky ground because it allows Barbie to pick her way through the landscape without dragging me behind her. I think it has helped her build confidence on the rough stuff. We don't often leave the dogs tethered by their leashes at the camp site as they would often prefer to be tucked up in the tent.

Cool Coat

I have just bought this for Barbie because she gets hot easily in the sun. This will hopefully improve her stamina on walks.


At a minimum we bought Barbie's bed which is usually in her crate, and a few blankets. I am not sure we bought enough blankets because Bender spent the whole time trying to steal mine.

Outside Bed

Bender has one of those hammock style beds which is dismantleable in order to fit it into the car. He enjoys sitting on it with us outside when there are no biting insects or when it is not too cold. I am not sure whether it is worth getting a second one for Barbie as she seems more comfortable in the tent.

Beach Shelter

I am thinking about getting one of these for the dogs for our next trip, when we will be spending a lot of time on the beach. I think Barbie in particular would appreciate the shade, but so will I.

Adequate Supply of Poo Bags

There often are no bins where we choose to camp, so the poo bags get tied to the bull bar of the four wheel drive when they are full.

Head Torch

Invaluable for walking the dogs at night or in the early morning and for using the poo bags.
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