Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Substance that Defeated Barbie's Iron Stomach

Sure, it wasn't you, was it, Princess?

The dogs always get something raw with kibble for dinner. I went to the shops last week, and they had chicken livers and chicken necks. I decided to get both even though the dogs hadn't had liver before. I put one liver each in their bowls, as well as 4 chicken necks and a cup of kibble. I fed Barbie in her crate as usual, and Bender in the kitchen/dining area as usual. I noticed Bender licked all the kibble off his chicken liver. He didn't think it was edible, so he left it in his bowl.

Barbie sauntered in and took the chicken liver from his bowl and ate it on her bed. She was keeping an eye on Bender all the time to make sure he wasn't going to attack her for taking it. She seemed to enjoy it very much.

The next day, I opened the front door and could smell something slightly bad. I thought I could smell the kitty tray, sometimes the house gets a bit musty and stinky when it is shut up all day. I let the dogs in, wheeled in my bike and then went to go to the bathroom, when I found a poo explosion. It was almost entirely liquid and was spattered on the walls. I was glad that she chose to do it in the bathroom - made it much easier to clean.

When I was cleaning it up, I thought, after having dogs having kids must be a breeze. For all the disgusting things dogs leave for you to clean up, kids cannot be much worse.

In other news, I made the following greyhound adoption PSA last night. It puts a couple of Barbie's tricks into use and I think is pretty cute. Hope you like it and feel free to share it.

Also, if you are after any copyright-free classical music, I found this awesome website called musopen. Check it out.
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