Monday, March 14, 2011

Bender and Barbie hoop jumping

Bender is a great jumper, but we limit how much jumping he does these days because he tends to pull up sore in the wrists from an hour of running offleash fetching.. he did injure his right one jumping on the fence in our old house - we think he got his foot caught in some ivy on the way down and swelled up massively. We got it xrayed at the time and the vet couldn't see any damage, immobilised it for couple of weeks or so and it seemed to heal up OK. Anyway we are just looking out for him. In a few years he may not even get to do much off leash running unless he learns to slow down! Anyway, I decided I needed video of him jumping so that when he is older we can reminisce.

Barbie is a very confident and accurate jumper if she is moving at speed but not from a standing start. I think for her, all her spatial judgement and confidence comes at a minimum of 40kph!

Anyway, here they are having a bit of fun with a hula hoop.

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