Saturday, March 26, 2011

Greyhounds on TV

Todd McKenny is a singing, dancing guy who loves greyhounds. He went on TV recently to promote his musical "The Boy from Oz" but spent half the interview talking about his two beautiful greyhounds.

I can't embed the video but the link is here.

PS - The NSW law to exempt GAP greyhounds from wearing a muzzle has not actually been passed yet but the Government has expressed support. There is an election happening in NSW today and the current Labor government is going to be defeated by a large margin so I hope that doesn't delay the law change for too long.

The WA GAP newsletter gives the following update:

We took the opportunity to inform the WA Minister for Local Government and ask what progress was being made with the review of the Dog Act in WA.

The following response was received in March -

.a similar amendment to Section 33 of the Dog Act 1976 is also proposed for Western Australia. This amendment will provide flexibility to allow retired greyhounds that have successfully undertaken a retraining program to be exempt from the muzzling requirement.

To ensure that the current proposed amendments remain appropriate, early this year I intend to request Cabinet's approval to draft a Green Bill.

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