Friday, March 11, 2011

Barbie does play with toys, really.

Quite a few people who know Barbie in real life would have trouble imagining this:

In public she is generally pretty reserved. Even offleash she runs but she doesn't really wrestle or play biteyface with anyone.

Last night the dogs were particularly wound up. I took them for a 45 minute walk, and I walked them back through the park, which might have been what got them so excitable.

After the walk, Barbie had a drink, and I went outside to work on a bicycle. The dogs came outside with me and spent the whole time playing full octane chasey. Our yard is only 150 sqm but it is sort of a narrow U-shape around the house, Barbie reckons it is a perfect race track. What gets me is how effortlessly she clears the 4 foot retaining wall while at top speed. Added into this game of chasey was some frantic digging in the sandpit we call the yard, and more chasey. Bender doesn't usually dig, but he started when Barbie started doing it. I told them both off for digging, Bender stopped straight away, but Barbie needed to be told more than once :P
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