Friday, March 4, 2011

Planning a Doggie Adventure and why I love Fridays

I love Fridays because there is room to park my xtracycle in the bike cage at work so that I can use it for grocery shopping on the way home.

I love Fridays because I can spend downtime looking at Google maps and trying to figure out the best place to find a camping spot for tomorrow night.

I love Fridays because noone expects you to do anything quickly and can wait until Monday.

I mentioned camping. Tomorrow night we are intending on taking Barbie for her first overnight camping trip. We bought a new tent (a 6 person one!) to better accommodate ourselves and the dogs. Besides that, our old tent was no longer very waterproof, as we found out when we were caught in one particularly heavy downpour. We were mainly dry, because we were 'floating' on our inflatable mattress but a lot of our stuff wasn't!

I only say 'intending on' because this weekend happens to be a long weekend. Campgrounds are likely to be busy, and most people will be heading off tonight to get themselves a good spot. We are planning on heading out very early tomorrow morning and have several alternative spots pegged out. The place we are intending on going to is a two hour drive away, and so it will be the longest car trip Barbie has been on as well. Bender has been on 6 - 7 hour car trips and is an old hand at it all but we really haven't been away much since we got Barbie.

We are taking my four wheel drive out for a good run, the poor thing usually is lucky to do 40kms in a week at the moment. I'm taking it in for a service in a couple of weeks, because we are going down to Duke of Orleans Bay for the Easter long weekend - it's probably an 8 hour drive from Perth so it's going to be a challenge for all of us, but we will be able to teach Barbie to swim in the calm, clear waters.

That reminds me, I need to get my esky back from my brother. I wonder if he still has it... :P
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