Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're Baaack

Somewhat different report from the Kennel Guy this time. Bender was a bit jumpy with particular noises, but was mainly good. Bender is sometimes sensitive to noises and sometimes not, so I think it makes the guy a little confused about him. He has always been an inconsistient dog!

Barbie this time got LAZY written on her report card. She wanders around a bit, sniffs a bit, then goes back to sleep. Yep, she is now treating the kennel like home!

I've begun to consider putting them in a kennel for the 6 weeks we are in Europe instead of leaving them with a housesitter. I still want the kittehs to be housesat because they don't deal as well with being shoved into new environments, but if the dogs are in the kennels it means they have no chance to develop bad habits at home. It's always an option if we don't find the right person/people to look after the entire clan. The Kennel Guy said he had a couple of dogs stay with him for a whole year while their family went travelling, and it took the dogs a couple of minutes to recognise their owners when they came back!

I couldn't imagine leaving my pups for a whole year!

I will do a non-dog holiday post tonight - with some AMAZING waterfall footage :)
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