Saturday, May 14, 2011

Youtube - home of the troll

You guys will remember this video:

Well it's the first video on my youtube account to approach 1000 views. I only made it because I was doing some training with the dogs and Froufrou wanted in on the action, so I got her to sit, and then filmed her and the dogs interacting.

Through youtube keyword magic, this video has become linked to a video of a little girl carrying around a dead squirrel which her pet greyhound had killed while walking on leash with it's owners. Since then I have had 3 comments about it not being a sit, and the cat only doing it because of treats. Hello! She is a cat. She doesn't do anything if there is nothing in it for her.

Anyway, apparently people who like dead squirrels don't understand the process of training cats. They also don't understand what a 'sit' is as opposed to a 'squat' (which is what they do when going to the toilet!). Got 12 dislikes and 2 likes too.

I am wondering if I should disallow comments because of the trolls. I won't ever reply to a troll but it is mildly irritating. Most people who want to comment on my videos do so either via the blog or via facebook. This is really the first video I've had that has gotten any kind of notoriety on youtube. The nature of it is that videos sit around for a while and then all of a sudden are linked to something else and they go gangbusters.
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