Sunday, May 22, 2011

Barbie fans...

Went to Whiteman Park this afternoon for a little while. There were a lot of people there and their dogs were all friendly! Barbie flittered about the place saying hello to all of the dogs. Bender obsessively fetched his ball. Other people threw his ball for him, and he was jumping and twisting in the air. I decided that we needed to have a short park session because of how hard he was pushing himself.

After Barbie had greeted all the dogs she just cruised around near me and waited for the people to come. There was a small group standing near me and the guy was very interested in her. He asked if he could pat her, and I said, sure her name is Barbie, just say her name to get her attention. People are so cautious about touching her because of the muzzle!

Anyway he gave her a good pat, and so did the women who were standing around with her. Then some little kids came up and asked if they could pat her. They had small dogs and they were very nice and gentle with her. They asked me why she was so skinny, and I said it was so she could run fast.

I didn't think she would go for a real burn because of all the other dogs around and the potential for a collision. I tried to goad her into running a few times but she ignored me. Then a little teeny Jack Russel x Chihuahua came in. Barbie went galloping up to it but didn't try to dance on it's head. It's owners made some remark about it looking like a rabbit, so I recalled Barbie and she came trotting back to me. Everyone was impressed. Then she went for a run. She did a lot of laps and I kept cheering her on. Not long after I took them both home and Bender hasn't hurt himself! It's a miracle given how he was jumping around.

As we were leaving, the kids were saying to each other "that dog is really fast!" I'm sure they will remember her if we cross paths again!

Barbie slept for about 4 hours when we got home. Bender sunbaked while I did some work in the garden.
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