Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barbie's first Fetch

With the cooler weather, the kitties have been absolutely feral. They are constantly engaging each other in battle. Last night they just sat on the top of the couch trading body blows until I told them to knock it off!

Anyway, Mittens was sitting on the top of the couch while I was lying there, and I gave her a bit of a scratch. She seemed to enjoy it and started purring, and then she bit me! Softly, sure, but Mittens has never bitten me like that before! Then she whacked me with her paw. I went to the laundry and got her little purple kitty ball. I figured it was safe to play with the kitty ball because Bender was outside and Barbie wouldn't bother with it.

I threw it around for Mittens a bit and she showed some interest, and then Barbie came along. I threw the ball, Barbie trotted over to it, and daintily picked it up in her mouth! I praised her and called her back to me, and for the first time ever she came to me and dropped the teeny ball at my feet!

Mittens, being the neat freak that she is, would not touch the ball after it had been in Barbie's mouth, and Barbie lost interest and went back to her bed. It was so CUTE though!
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