Sunday, May 1, 2011

The joys of Autumn

Mittens on her leash in the backyard

Our cats are inside-only kitties, but Mittens loves being outside, so she has been harness-trained so that we can take her for walks in her garden. Kitties don't walk like doggies, they meander around, and sometimes they sprint, sometimes they jump. Then sniff and wander and sometimes dig. Mittens loves being outside so much she doesn't mind being on a leash.

We took Bender to tracking on Saturday and he did really well. Although, on his second track, he was on track, then got distracted and started trying to climb a tree. Must have been a possum up there or something. I got him back on track fairly easily though. He managed to rip a hole in my finger as I was letting him out on the track, and I find it hard catching up when he's on the track because he goes so quickly. I'm looking forward to some more aged tracks to slow him down a bit!

Today, we went to the beach with both doggies. It was not like last weekend, there were a few people and doggies around.

Barbie met this Spaniel doggie

Barbie was perfect as usual. Even when she chased a Japanese Spitz doggie and it barked and snapped at her, I was able to recall her straight away. She used to keep annoying doggies that would snap at her until I went over and got her by the collar.

Barbie giving Bender some space

Because there were plenty of other doggies and people at the beach, Barbie didn't bother with chasing Bender much. She said hello to all the doggies on the beach, and she ran full speed around people. She got one girl waving a towel at her like she was a bull!

clicky on this picture to enjoy it in it's full glory!!!

The doggies and Mittens are suitably tired now, ready to go into the working week and their boring leash walks around the neighbourhood when I'm home from work.
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