Monday, February 7, 2011

Dogs at the Tour Down Under

As I mentioned previously, we recently went over to Adelaide to watch a bike race. The Tour Down Under was 6 days of bike racing, and in the end was won by WA rider, Cameron Meyer.

While the cycling was exciting and awesome, we were without our dogs for 10 days. There were a lot of people bringing their dogs to the stage starts and finishes, and they attracted our attention.

This fellow was very charming and calm as he wandered through the crowd.

Shelties are just so pretty.

When waiting to get on the bus for the Mutual Community Challenge ride, I met this lovely old Border Collie called Jess. She belonged to the truck driver who was transporting our bikes to the start line. She had found the only stick in the place (it was a massive car park) and was trying to get people to throw it for her. She also accepted scritches and cuddles.

I love this old fellow's beard! He looks like a Schnauzer x Labrador. Talk about mystery dogs!

This pup was one of my favorites. We had a good play and he used his sharp little teeth on us.

There were a lot of socialising opportunities for the Tour dogs. I think next time we go we will have to do a road trip, drive across the nullabor and take the doggies with us.
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