Friday, February 25, 2011

Barbie's High Five Trick

I saw that a friend of a friend on Facebook had taught his young Border Collie pup this trick in like... 5 minutes, and I thought, Barbie could do that.

So I sat her down, held my hand out flat and asked for a High Five. She pawed at various bits of me til she got my hand and got rewarded. In usual bright Barbie fashion she picked it up quickly, and now I can get a High Five while I'm standing.

Next is to teach 'wave'.

I also tried to teach Barbie to weave through my legs as per Hsin-Yi's suggestion of throwing the treat between my legs so that Barbie would go after it, and then come around the front for some more. The problem with that is after a few repetitions she hung around behind me and wouldn't come back around the front! I think I can probably teach her that way but maybe not when it's so hot! It was 38 degrees today and the heat is really sapping Barbie's energy.
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