Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr BodySlam

Sure, Bender can look sweet and cuddly. If you are a Golden Retriever or a Labrador though, he will be intent on wrestling with you!

We took the dogs to the local fenced park last night, and the golden retriever puppy that Barbie met some weeks ago was there. I almost didn't recognise him because the little fella has had a great growth spurt. He is now almost as tall as Bender at the shoulder but very skinny. The retriever's parents saw Barbie streaking through the park first, then they saw me. I introduced Nic and Bender. Bender immediately started wrestling with the pup. The pup didn't seem to mind playing rough but we separated them a few times just because the pup was so lanky, and Bender is so adept at wrestling.

I sent Barbie off for a run, and she ran all the way to the other side of the park, up to the BBQ she loves to sniff and is hesitant to recall from. Bender chased after her but was already lagging behind. I called and she came back straight away, Bender arriving well after her.

We don't take Bender's ball to this park because we want him to socialise with other dogs, rather than just obsessively fetching. It usually works until he spots someone with a ball, who he will then harrass and stare at until they throw it for him. After their run though, Bender spotted a ball. The pup's dad had been hiding it very well until that moment. He just stared and stared at the guy's hand. He didn't know what Bender wanted until we pointed out it was the ball. He threw it for Bender and Bender duly destroyed it, but I think he enjoyed watching Bender fetch. A couple of times the pup took the ball and Bender waited patiently for an opportunity to snatch it back. Once Barbie started chasing the pup as well as Bender for the ball - I told her off and she stopped. Two on one is definately not fair!

We got fish n chips on the way home and the pups waited with me outside. They were very well mannered and did not try to sniff passing strangers. They both seemed very satisfied with their outing!
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