Monday, October 4, 2010

Miss Whingy Pants

(yes I have been playing with photoshop and cafepress again - made this into a coffee mug so that Nic and I can both stare at our mutts when we are at work)

Nic was at home today, and apparently Barbie was whinging at the window when she thought it was time for me to be home. She was only 10 minutes off. She is certainly a creature of routine/habit.

At around 6 she starts following us around, looking at us hopefully, flapping her tail, and squeaking. This is Barbie asking for dinner. She gets fed at 6.30.

If she doesn't get a walk by 7.30 she starts squeaking again. She will sometimes come up to you, look you in the eye, whack her tail against the furniture and sing. If you don't respond she will go and lie down somewhere, but will continue her vocal encouragement. She usually gets her way in the end, and she will only give up if it gets past 8.30 and you haven't gotten up from the couch.

I was impressed with her last night though. Nic stayed up to watch the Commonwealth games, and I went to bed. I put Barbie in her crate and she settled down to sleep despite the fact that the tv was still on as were the lights.

We were accosted by another uncontrolled off leash dog near the park tonight. Barbie was well mannered, though he did have some dominant body language going on. Bender was beside himself. He didn't know whether he wanted to play or fight. The owner came and leashed his dog. Definitely better than the fox terrier's owner!

Barbie is asleep next to me at the moment. I have been tinkering with the computer for a while... I guess I should go interact... ;)
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