Saturday, October 23, 2010

CGC class

We had a pretty good CGC class this morning. We identified something Barbie needs to work on - standing still when someone is looking at her teeth. She kept her feet planted for everything else but she walked backwards when Desma looked in her mouth. Desma also said that for the 'calm an excited dog' part of the test I'm going to have to get Barbie excited, otherwise she might not pass. She suggested getting Barbie to jump for a target as I've started target training already. It's going to be interesting as if I put my hand above her head she thinks that's the sit signal. I will have to work on it. We have homework. I need to work on her forward turns for agility too.

We actually let them off leash for a run around. Barbie had Bowi up against the wall of the playpen because she was trying to play chasey but he didn't want to. 5 dogs running around in an enclosed space got Barbie excited. Poppy and Kumo got a bit gruff with each other and Barbie was concerned but she stayed out of it and I got her back OK. All the dogs recalled within 20 seconds the first time, and the second time Desma had to grab Kumo because he was getting a bit too into it with the staffy.

We went to City Farmers on the way home, and someone said, as they were walking past 'what a pretty dog', so I invited them to come and pat her. They did and Barbie enjoyed it. She also went up to a couple of teenagers asking for pats. She is going to become a little social butterfly soon!
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