Friday, October 22, 2010

Agillity class

When I got home this evening, I couldn't resist little Bender's face, so I decided to take him to agility instead of Barbie and see how he went. He was a handful. He was overstimulated, stirred up dogs, and when I let him off lead he stole another dog's ball and refused to give it back, then he tried to jump on a woman in order to steal a squeaky toy!

I had a cloth rope for him, and I was using it to motivate him to do 'circle work' it worked well, though he didn't want to let go of the rope. T said he should let go of the rope a couple of times and told me he should let go if I put my fingers in his mouth! I don't think he realised that Bender has a very very strong jaw. Then I twigged. If I let go, he would too. That worked a treat. He did bite my hand a few times when he went to grab the rope. It hurt and now my hand is bruised. I need a longer rope! A greyhound would never do that to my hand! :P

After he stole the other dog's ball I had to break out the 'emergency tennis ball' I keep in my glovebox in order to get the other dogs ball back. He destroyed the 'emergency' ball and kept throwing it at random people. They kicked it for him. I managed to get his attention though, and using the mangled ball as a reward we got him to do the full tunnel. I could almost direct him through it. He kept sneaking around the jump, so we had him sit/stay close to the jump and then go over. Barbie was less of a 'cheater'. All in all they did about the same amount of work. I think Bender's noise sensitivities are going to be an obstacle for him, as he started a bit when he heard a dog thunder over the A-frame. It really depends how focussed and confident he becomes.

There is another dog there called Bender as well. What are the odds! The other Bender is more advanced though so at least they don't get too confused.

Barbie is going to week 3 of her CGC tomorrow, and she won't have the 'agility hangover' so hopefully will be a bit more sprightly. It will be Barbie's turn to go next week, then Bender's and then hopefully Nic will be able to come and we can bring both dogs ;)
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