Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a normal dog

(head out the window - proof that Barbie is a just a dog)

I think sometimes people don't treat greyhounds as dogs at all. They are a little different to the average mutt, in that they can run very, very fast. However, I would argue, that if a dog has unreliable recall, it doesn't matter what their top speed is. Case in point, the tiny fox terrier that harassed us a few nights ago. All dogs are still faster than (most) humans can run. If they can't be recalled they can get themselves into an awful lot of trouble. I was really worried I would see that dog get hit by a car that night.

I believe that there are people that think greyhounds are just expensive couch decorations and foot warmers. I have high hopes for Barbie blazing some new trails for greyhounds in WA. I can't wait to let her loose on the agility obstacles, and am looking forward to the day she gets her Canine Good Citizen certificate. I will be sharing her achievements with everyone involved in Greyhounds As Pets here in WA, hopefully inspiring other greyhound people to give everything a go.

I took Barbie to the beach again today, but I didn't get any photos because there were a lot of other dogs and people around. Nic is still not confident that Barbie will return when she is called. It is scary how much ground she can cover, but she comes back at the same speed!

We ran into a friend at the beach, with her dog. She recognised Bender before she saw us. She hadn't met Barbie and was pretty impressed with her speed. Barbie was running around, splashing in the water and generally playing like a puppy. There were 3 kids who had buried themselves in the sand close to us, and she kept running past them. Their father liked her, though he did think she was a Whippet. She is small, but not that small! Then Barbie noticed they were digging to put sand onto themselves, so she started digging next to them. I don't think the kids appreciated her flicking sand and water all over their faces, so I called her back. I let her run again, and she ran right past them at top speed. Then she did a wide circle and headed up towards the beach track. Nic stressed but she came when she was called. She was limping though. I put her back on the lead as a precaution but she was walking OK. She is a sensitive petal.

Bender destroyed 3 cheap tennis balls and so he had to go back on the lead as well. I think it was a good day for everyone, and I hope that Nic is getting more confident with handling Barbie off leash.
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