Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I will spare you the photo...

My Significant Other has been at a training course this week, and she has been arriving home fairly early, at about 1630 or so. The dogs have had to endure being shut inside all day while we are at work because of the previously mentioned failure of our fence (it just occurred to me I should post pics of the fence for posterity! I will attend to this and edit the previous entry, post haste, when I get home).

Anyway, I left them outside to do their business for half an hour this morning, but because we don't usually shut them inside, I'm not sure both dogs understood what they were meant to be doing out there.

When I bought them back inside and got ready to leave, Bender was standing at the back door with a pitiful look on his face. I thought he was saying 'not again! I'll be so BORED'

Turns out he was saying, 'hold on a minute, there's something I forgot to do while I was outside'.

So Nic sent me a photo of the resultant deposit on the tiles. It is far too huge to be Barbie's poop. I feel a bit bad. He did try to tell me. I just hope he 'gets' that he's going to be shut inside all day tomorrow and uses his morning garden time accordingly.

At least he pooped on the tiles and not on the long-suffering carpet which is just recovering from Barbie's previous overnight assaults on it. Assaults which could only be stopped by crate training!
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