Monday, October 18, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

Sunday we joined the GAP walk around the Swan River. I borrowed a long line and Barbie went right in to her shoulder and then dunked her head in the water. Bender and Barbie led the pack the whole way and I think they found the pace a little slow. There were two fosters there, a black and white called Solo and a fawn and white called Bandit. Solo was my favorite, I have a thing for the big black and white ones.

This morning, I let Barbie outside for her wee, and then back in, and went back to bed as usual. Then I heard Barbie tearing it up in the living room and letting out a few barks. I got up and she had put my shoe on her bed and was running around like a crazy dog. I guess she didn't get enough exercise on Sunday!

Today we took them to the park, to practice Barbie's restrained recall and have a run. It was a bit warmer today and so Barbie had had it after trotting back and forth 20 metres between us. Nic called her and she went to trot back to her but then laid down in the middle of us! She rested while Bender played, and then when the sun went down, Barbie had a second wind.

A medium sized poodle came into the park and Barbie revved it up until it chased her, teeth a snapping! She is such a stirrer. The owner of the poodle thought it was funny so I let them play for a bit, called Barbie back and then the poodle decided it wanted to go home.

Next a young Border Collie, and a younger Border Collie cross came in the gate. I told Barbie to go say hi, and she went to meet the Border. Her name was Mishka and she was the perfect playmate! Barbie ran past her and she chased! Then Barbie chased back, and ran wide. Barbie then ran wide around a few times. Louie the Golden Retriever puppy arrived after all the sprinting, and Barbie was lying on the grass. Louie jumped on her, but she was very nice to him. She is very tolerant of puppies!

Bender had found a few balls and was getting people to throw them, but he also socialised with the other dogs. Eventually I retrieved Bender (he was off playing with someone else, as usual), and we went home. Barbie flopped down on her cushion, and she hasn't moved since. We were gone for an hour and a half. Hopefully she won't do morning zoomies again tomorrow!
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