Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coming home to the Royal Court

I made up a little ditty last night in the shower:

Frou Frou is the Queen
Bender is the wayward Prince
Barbie is the Princess with the Pea
Mittens is the joker and the jester and the fool
Their humble servants are we!

Frou frou seemed to be frightened of my singing.

Nic works away, and when she gets home she always gets loving looks from the whole Royal Court, but I think Bender gets the most excited. Bender has a obsessive compulsive urge to catch and fetch his toys. I have long learned not to give in to his requests. I will throw his toys a few times for him and then say 'no more' and he stops.

The conversation between Bender and Nic goes like this:

Bender: Throw my Kong now
Nic: OK *throws*
Bender: That was easy, throw it again
Nic: No, you've had enough and you are getting too noisy
Bender: But you always throw my Kong
Nic: No, that's enough. Last time it almost bounced off your teeth and into the TV
Bender: Throw my Kong
Nic: No
Bender: Throw my Kong *places Kong in Nic's lap and stares at her*
Nic; OK *throws*

It is an endless cycle. It seems I am one of the few who is immune to his evil tactics.
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