Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love OK GO!

Some of you guys will remember the OK GO video clip, with the choreographed treadmills? Well the latest video clip from them has also gone viral. It features some very well trained shelter dogs and is very very cute.

There has been a lot of talk of puppy farms in Australia today and there was a puppy farm expose during prime time by our celebrity vet - Dr Chris Brown. There was a puppy farm discovered in Gippsland, Victoria which was busted by the RSPCA, though there are still some dogs stuck there.

On the show last night they stated that 50% of dogs in Australia came from squalid puppy factories! I definitely support banning pet shops from trading in puppies and kittens. There is a pet shop near our house which specialises in designer dogs, and say that their dogs don't come from 'puppy factories' but who knows! They do a roaring trade and the amount of money they charge for these pups make them a very lucrative trade.

I will never buy any products again from a shop which sells puppies and kittens. I will stick to our local City Farmers, where my dogs are welcome, good quality kibble and toys are plentiful, and the only animals sold there are very healthy looking fish.
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