Saturday, September 11, 2010

You can buy Frosty Paws in Oz

I spotted these in Coles while I was shopping today. For my Aussie followers you can probably buy them - but $4.99 for a pack of 4? I don't think so!

I just bought a massive jar of peanut butter instead for the same price. I will make the puppies frosty paws when it is cold enough, but for now I think they would prefer warm treats!

Barbie was very unhappy about being in her crate last night and howled from 10.45 (when she lost interest in her Kong) until past midnight, and then started up again at 4.30am.

I took them to the park at 9, but didn't take any photos because I was feeling too sleep deprived to handle both dogs and a camera as well. Barbie tried to get a Great Dane to run. He was a particularly big Great Dane and galloped like a horse in slow motion. His owners were stressing because he wasn't meant to run too much. Barbie was running at his shoulder and poking him with her muzzle. She barked a little too. I think she was trying to get him to run faster, but I'm not sure he could!

Everyone at the park knows Bender's name. His habit of giving his ball to strangers has won him some friends, but others are not backwards in telling him to go away. Not that he listens to them!

I had a bit of a nap today to prepare for another night of whining!
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