Sunday, September 19, 2010

Take me to the river.... dunk my face in the water

Today, we visited Riverside Gardens, an offleash dog exercise area near the Swan River. Barbie wasn't off leash the whole time as she kept trying to wander off, but I let her have a bit of a run. Here is a small fluffy trying to figure out why this strange dog is plunging her head under the water.

Barbie doing her 'plowing her face through the water' trick. She dips her head right under and then 'pops' out of the water, jumping up, and then sprinting out. I am yet to successfully capture this maneuver!

This staffy thought she could catch Barbie. Big mistake!

Oh, and I took some video at the beach yesterday. Bender is no slouch when it comes to running but Barbie can smoke him easily. Watching these two run around makes me think other dogs are moving in slow motion!

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