Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"dad" jokes

My boss just retired, but one thing I miss about him is the awful jokes he used to tell. We called them 'dad' jokes - the kind of jokes told around the dinner table that make the kids roll their eyes.

I found this dad joke on the internet today.

Two horses are standing in a barn after a big day at the races...After starting a discussion together on their current form of the day, the first horse says, "The strangiest thing happened to me in the 3rd race today...I was coming dead last and thought may as well give up...and as soon as I thought this.....WHOOSH!.....something smacked me right in the ass and then pushed me to the head of the pack...and I won the race!"
The second horse then continues the discussion with, "Well funny you should say that...Cause in the 8th race I was coming second last and decided to give soon as I made that decision, I felt something smack me in the ass, and I was pushed to the head of the pack and consequently came first..."
Now, almost as soon as the horses had finished their discussion on this strange phenomenom, a young Greyhound had made his way into the barn...He walked over to the two horses and said, "I overheard you guys talking just then about what happened to you both in your races...And I think I know what it is!...Apparently many years ago there was a horse who lost every race he ever competed in...eventually he decided to give up in every race...and he was always laughed at and ridiculed by the other horses and their jockeys...Now, as the tale goes, the horse died... but before he did so, he vowed to the other horses that never again would another horse have to face the ridicule that he himself endured for sooo many years...So you see what I think that was that smacked you in your asses, was the ghost of that horse!!!"
After taking in all that the Greyhound had just told them, the two horses stood in total amazement with their mouths wide open for a good 5 minutes....after which the first horse turned to the second and said, "Well F**k me.....A talking Dog!!!!"
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