Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bender and Barbie visit Bells Rapids

Today we noticed that they were testing all the boats for the Avon Descent, and we decided to go and check the water levels up at Bell's Rapids. Barbie had never really been on a rocky cross country walk before but she was quite confident on the rocks, like a little mountain goat!

Bender: We are going somewhere new today, but why is it so far?

Barbie: Look at all the interesting big furry animals out of the window!

Bender: That was a big hill! Can I has nap now?

Barbie: I'm HOT. I want to go back down to the WATER!



Barbie: that was fun. Time for naps!


Anonymous said...

Hee, I'm so glad you're cross-posting these now! I love Bell's Rapids, it's literally only ten minutes from our place, though we haven't been since I've done my heel. I'll probably be right for next week. (Though I did just come back from kicking the ball around, huzzah!)

Barbie is funny, and I love Bender. Did you see any other dogs there? Last time I was at Bell's, we saw a really beautiful ridgeback, who was a rescue.

You look like you all had a good time! :)

jet said...

Heaps of dogs and people, everywhere! I think it's busy cos of the impending Avon Descent. Barbie and Bender greeted everyone politely and they were very very good.

houndstooth said...

That looks like so much fun! Of course the Greyhound napped on the way home! It's why they keep us around as their servants!

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