Monday, July 12, 2010

Greyhound Converts

(Bender and Barbie enjoying the fenced dog park at Whiteman Park)

Every time we take Barbie for a run up at the fenced dog park in Ellenbrook, she wins at least one admirer. Yesterday was no different.

The park was half-submerged with recent rains and this seemed to impress Barbie, as she started running laps straight away. Around, and around, up and back. Really turning on the afterburners when she was running in a straight line.

There was a woman there with a very shy Ridgeback, who stood behind her with his tail between his legs. I heard her saying to the people around her 'wow, look at that greyhound go!'

When I was on the other side of the park, babysitting Barbie because there was a weirdly aggressive chihuahua in the park which kept drawing her attention, apparently the lady ran through the standard questions about greys. Maybe, one day, she will get one of her own. I like taking Barbie out. It plants the seeds of thought in stranger's heads and hopefully one more greyhound will be rescued from the track ;)

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