Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog Hop!

Barbie is currently flaked out on the couch after class. One of my friends came along to class to work as a distracting influence. We went out to the carpark to play some 'games' but Barbie didn't think sitting on the ashphalt was much of a game!

The trainer, watching her sniff a 'trail' in the doggie daycare place told me that I should join Trackwest I checked out their website and they seem like a really friendly and inclusive bunch. Not only that, but they track in the pine plantation very close to my house!

How versatile can a greyhound be? :) I think Bender also may like to have a go at tracking. So at the end of our obedience course, I think I'm going to join up. If anything she will love being up in the bush, and Bender can come when Nic is home.

While it's Saturday, I've decided to join the blog hop again. Here it is!


Anonymous said...

Trackwest are a great bunch, I'm pretty sure Sonja of Fetchitup does some stuff with them, with her flat coats. It would be totally awesome if you could train Barbie to scent on command!!

She's such a smart girl. :D

jet said...

You know, I could do with another handler for Bender when Nic isn't around... ;)

buchelesk9s -- Ken and Laurie Buchele said...

I have seen many dogs do many things other people never thought they could -- including my own. My beagle has obedience and rally titles. The first time I ever took her into a competition ring, the ring steward looked at me with a look of disdain and said, "you're really going to take a beagle into the obedience ring?" Right then and there I decided to prove we could do it! So, long story not too long - go for it!!!!

Thanks for stopping by our blog and Happy Pet Blogger Hop Saturday!!1

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