Saturday, July 17, 2010

Impressing people

Barbie's recall is coming along nicely with adhoc training at the dog park. People are impressed the way she responds and then comes in like a missile! It is actually easier to recall her than my other dog (except when she is chasing someone), and my recall signal is my hand up in the air (with treat in it). With her excellent vision she can spot me very easily from quite a long way away.

Can't wait til classes start on Saturday.


houndstooth said...

Recall was Bunny's favorite in obedience class, too! She was such a little show off!

Our long line is one that I bought for training, and I'd say it's maybe twenty feet long. I know that at the time, I had to be able to practice walking thirteen feet away and it was long enough for me to do that and still have something attached to her for a "just in case" moment if Treat decided to get up and go investigate something. We mainly use it for outings like that one, though, when the girls want to get in the water, but we're still in a place where there's no fenced in area and we need to have some kind of tether between us. I will warn you, though, that it's long enough that if the dog does decide to make a run after something or gets an attack of the zoomies, they can build up some serious steam before they get to the end of that line! If you think Barbie might make a run at something, shorten it as much as you can! Your hands will feel it and so will her neck! It's excellent for training and exploring, though!

jet said...

I got her a harness so it won't hurt her neck too much - I use the harness if I am likely to have to tie her up, or I will if we have a long line.. :) it will probably pull my shoulder out though so I will definitely keep an eye on the length I let out! I actually made the mistake of sticking my arm out in front of her to catch her when she was going full pelt once. That really hurt.

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