Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Un-spoiling the Animals

For the last 5 days I have been unrelenting. The animals are not allowed to come into the bedroom and lie in the bed with us. The dogs have 'got it' and are no longer making pests of themselves in the morning. Barbie asked to go out for her poo at 6:45am and then didn't bother us when I went back to bed. The cats still keep trying. Nic didn't shut them away last night and both Mittens and Froufrou had a go at waking us up! Froufrou is the worst because she doesn't give up and she claws at the carpet. Laundry for kitties!!!!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Stay tough! :-)

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

Hi back at ya:-) Beryl slept on the bed for her first couple of nights but I decided there wasn't room for her as well as me and Frankie so she sleeps in her crate now, plus I wanted Frankie to still have 'me' time when it was just us. They both get a yummy treat at bedtime and Beryl runs into her crate no probs. Good luck with the crate and house training:-)

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