Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Foster - Introducing Olive, Mouse's litter sister!!!

This morning I made the trip out to the racing kennels where I got Mouse, and picked up two dogs. This lovely young lass, and an 8 year old black girl called Annie. I took Annie to her foster carer and then bought Olive home. 

Annie had been in cars before, and she actually jumped into the back seat with very minimal encouragement. I dropped her off to a place with two whippets and she seemed to think they were Greyhound puppies, they were jumping around and licking her mouth and she was very tolerant. 

Olive was in the back behind the barrier and she was very good the whole way. By the time we got home she was pretty exhausted and a little bit stressed. I introduced her to Bender and Barbie straight away, and Bender tried to get her to play. She didn't really want to though.

I introduced her to Froufrou through the baby gate, and even let Frou out and Olive had a sniff. Olive doesn't really understand the cats but she doesn't want to eat them either. 

Olive is quite different to Mouse, she is a bit bigger, and not as hyperactive. She isn't as confident either and she seems to be a bit freaked out when Bender barks. She isn't a fan of the neighbours coming and going. She hasn't gotten on the couch, preferring to lie behind the couch in a small space. She is very smoochy and very responsive. I don't expect she will be here very long! 

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