Monday, July 8, 2013

Barbie's Cafe Review - Partsian Cafe East Perth (and a walk on Claisebrook Cove)

We have been to Claisebrook Cove with the dogs before, and it was very busy, so we ended up going around the corner to Kinky Lizard Cafe (review here). 

Today it wasn't too bad, and we managed to get ourselves a nice spot at The Partisan. This place provides the ultimate in dog-friendly ordering as the counter is outside, so you can wait in line with your dog and put in your order.

There were quite a few other dogs there, including this little white yapper who didn't want Barbie to come too close. There were also another couple of noisy dogs that went nuts when they saw us. Barbie held up her head and ignored them like the good little Princess that she is. 

She enjoyed some scritches from me while we were waiting for her food, and a waitress came over to say hello. The waitress commented on how big Barbie was, which we found amusing because we always call her 'little Barbie'. I think it is important to bring big dogs into East Perth, otherwise it would just be small white fluffies. They are cute, but you need a bit of diversity, yes?

A lot of people also commented on Barbie's hoodie. It was overall a pretty friendly environment and there was plenty of room for her to lie down. There was no danger of anyone treading on her as everyone took notice!

We had a great breakfast, I ordered eggs benedict and kept some of the ham for Barbie. N got a bean casserole type dish with plenty of salty prosciutto for Barbie to snack on as well. She was very happy for the meaty treats.  

She had her cheeky face on hoping for more, but while the people next to us liked her and her cute little hoodie, they didn't have any snacks for her!

After being so good at the cafe, we rewarded Barbie with a short stroll around Claisebrook Cove. From these photos you can see how beautiful the view from the cafe was. 

The cafe is where the white umbrellas are in this photo, taken from the other side of the Cove.

We decided to have a bit of fun with Barbie and get a photo of us in this model boat - I had to lift her up there as she didn't want to jump in! I thought the photo was worth it.

Overall this cafe was great, and I could go there by myself with a dog and order my coffee without having to go inside. The food was good and the view was even better. 

Barbie says:
I felt like a celebrity at this cafe as people aren't used to seeing bigger doggies. I do wish that people whose dogs don't behave well in public didn't bring them along to cafes, but I guess it means people can see how good I am in the face of barking and yapping! There was plenty of room for me to lie down and I didn't feel like anyone would stand on me so I was quite relaxed. 
Overall human score 7/10 (coffee could have been better), dog score 8/10.

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