Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mouse & Olive Reunited at Whiteman Park

Ever since I picked Olive up last Sunday, I have been looking forward to the reunion of the two sisters. On Monday, Daniel, who is another Greyhound Angels foster carer, suggested we all meet at Whiteman Park on Saturday morning. The first thing I did was text Mouse's mumma to make sure she could come! 

Mouse seemed really happy to see Olive, though I am not sure if Olive was as impressed. I had to take Olive's muzzle off to take some photos and I got this cute one of them catching up over a drink.

After they had all had a good run, the sisters settled down in the dirt together for a rest. Maybe they were glad to see each other after all. They did seem to spend a lot of time together.

Barbie and Mouse also spent some quiet time together lying in the dirt, as you can see Mouse was having a hard time staying awake. 

What were they doing that made them all so tired? Well Olive certainly found some new friends at the park - greyhounds often like the lil Aussie working dogs, kelpies, border collies and others. 

You can see that Olive and Mouse have similar 'playful' running styles, where they extend their front legs out further than their back legs in the extension part of their run. 

There was another greyhound there called Wanda, she is a Whiteman Park regular and she loves nothing more than to go for a good burn around the park. Some silly dogs think they can catch her. Not a chance buddy!

Mouse gave us a good look at her silly face. Some doggies probably find this face quite scary. I am sure if I was a bunny I would be terrified!

Bender had so many people throwing his ball for him that he ended up quite sore by the end of the day. He seems to run harder when he has other dogs chasing him too. 

All up we were there for a couple of hours. Barbie spent a lot of time lying around in the dirt, but Olive and Bender were on the go almost the whole time. 

That was Saturday's doggie-time. I will write about Sunday shortly, when we took Olive and Barbie out to a cafe and too Olive to the Avon Descent finish line at Riverside Gardens in Bayswater. 

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