Monday, July 22, 2013

City Dogs - King's Park Botanic Cafe again!!

Barbie still has a sore foot. It has been going on for some time, she had an abscess, which the vet cut open and cleaned out, but the silly wench put another hole in her foot in a brief licking session. They put another bandage on her foot, and she has to endure at least another 3 days of not getting it wet.

It's winter so that means no real walks. We had to take her out though, so we decided a cafe visit would work.

We did go for a little walk on the pavement, then N took Barbie to the cafe, whilst Bender and I visited the bin to dispose of some poop bags.

N has just bought a real camera so it was a good opportunity for her to try it out. She has a lot to learn, but it takes some pretty good shots on 'auto' mode!

Not sure what Bender was thinking here, though perhaps he was just trying to look cute. He was a very good boy, lying down straight away. It would be handy if we could convince him to lie down underneath the tables though.

It was a bit colder than we expected - for some reason I thought the sun would be shining in the middle of the afternoon. Silly me. Barbie was a little bit cold, but soon all was forgiven.

Barbie: OMGERD! Look at all that food.... burger, and chips and.....MEATBALLS! How much is for me? I need food to keep warm!

I think chips are Barbie's favorite cafe fare - of course she is only allowed to eat a few, to make sure she keeps that streamlined figure of hers. There is nothing worse than a fat greyhound.

Bender stuck close to me as well. I guess he thought he was being helpful when I dropped something on my lap. He quickly cleaned my lap for me, but he left a big puddle of drool behind. Thanks Bender. 

Of course, they got some meatball too - Bender particularly enjoyed the meatballs, he is not quite as obsessed with chips as Barbie is.

So... what do you think of the new camera? Hopefully the quality of the photos on this blog will be onwards and upwards from here! Of course, I'm the writer so if you see any really good photos, I probably didn't take them! 

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