Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mouse in her first weekend of domesticity!

Mouse has been here for four days now and she has already provided a lot of entertainment.

She is doing pretty well with the cats, Froufrou has decided that Mouse is definitely cat safe. Mittens is pretty mean to Mouse still, and Bumblebee does not like her at all.

Like a lot of Greyhounds who come straight out of a racing kennel, Mouse likes to collect things and put them on her bed.

She stole my sock right out of my hand while I was trying to put my shoes on.

She stole my PJ pants off the back of a chair and gingerly carried them to her crate.

She stole quite a few of Bender's toys and buried them in her bed so that he wouldn't come and take them when she wasn't looking.

We took her out for a walk in Guildford and when she was a bit overwhelmed, she stopped and plopped her little butt down on the pavement. She met a pug but I think she was a little bit scared of him.

She was really good at the cafe where we stopped for breakfast. The people sitting next to us admired her, and even saved a bit of bacon for her. She didn't eat it though, as she wasn't really sure what it was.

The house was full of new experiences for her, like a big, flashing thing in the lounge room with big talking humans on it. She watches TV actively every now and then.

She was scared of the ceiling fan when it was first turned on, but settled down after 15 minutes of intermittent staring.

She was scared of the vacuum cleaner for about 2 minutes before she decided it was fine and curled up on the couch with Bender and Barbie.

photo by Bender's favorite person, Kim P 
We took all three dogs on a couple of outings, they all came along to my friend's wedding rehearsal. The Greyhounds were very well behaved, but Bender did get a bit overexcited when he recognised one of his favorite people, who was going to be photographing this big day.

photo also by Kim P
I had the Greyhounds, and so we lined up in our positions to practice for the Big Day. Mouse saw her opportunity to cosy up with the bride and get some attention. 

photo by Kim P
Mouse needs a lot more leash time as at times she is like walking a trout down the street. She settles down and walks in a straight line if she has Barbie with her, as Barbie is such a good calming influence.

photo by Kim P
I have to go back to work today, and so things will change a little bit and Mouse will get to adjust to the regular, hum drum, life of dogs of a 9 - 5 worker. Hopefully she is so tired after these last 4 days that she doesn't mind. 

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