Friday, March 29, 2013

Introducing Mouse (Foster Greyhound)

A friend of mine is a Vet Nurse, and their clinic put the call out to find foster homes for 8 greyhounds. Mouse was suggested to me as a foster who could be OK with the cats. She is a tiny girl of 22 kilograms, who looks like a male whippet.

As you can see, she is absolutely beautiful. She has had no experience as a house dog and very limited experience with non-greyhounds. So far she has done really well with the cats, although she did receive a scratch on her nose from Mittens.

She has been interested in Bender's toys and she has also been hoarding a little bit. She stole Bumblebee's empty toilet roll and stashed it in her crate.

When things get too much she takes herself to her crate. She had a great expression on her face when she first noticed the TV! She has finally figured out that she can't walk through glass windows. She is a little bit timid but I think she will get more confident every day.

I am taking her for her vaccinations and microchip tomorrow, and will get her in to be speyed as soon as possible. 

Being a tiny, white female who is OK with cats she should be snapped up quickly. Though that is what we said about Bumblebee, but he is still here:

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