Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventures in the world of Mouse

We took Mouse to Pet Lover's Cafe yesterday to have a look at martingales. They didn't really have anything small enough so we just bought a couple of cat bowls and a bag of treats for the dogs. As it was a short drive, I decided that we should take the Honda Civic and let Mouse sit on the back seat for the first time. Until now I have been driving her around in the cargo area of my X-Trail, behind a cargo barrier.

It took a little while to convince her to jump in the back when we were heading out. I sat in the back with her to make sure she didn't stress out or try to climb into the front. She took a little while to figure out that the seats were nice to lie down on. She curled up next to me and even figured out that the arm rests make a good chin rest (something that Bender and Barbie know very well).

When we got to Guildford she happily jumped out of the car. She seemed to recognise the area, and we had been here two weeks before. She got some adoring pats from passersby. We went to the shop, and she kept trying to get us to buy a massive smoked leg bone. I think it may have been an elephant's leg, it was so huge. It was the type of bone Bender broke his tooth on so our answer was no.

She got back into the car no worries and settled down after a couple of minutes. We got home and she was firmly ensconced on the seat. She was not budging. I tried to get her out of the car and she simply flopped her head down onto the seat. In the end I had to push her out! I guess she likes car seats a little
too much.

The other strange thing she did today was stand in the hallway and bark at .... the toilet. I went to investigate the noise and found that Mittens had just awoken from a deep sleep in her basket in the laundry. Frou was in the lounge room with us and Bumblebee had just gone to his forever home. Mouse was still standing in the hallway, staring at the toilet. I inspected the toilet-room and could find nothing, not even a bug. I have no idea what she was barking at. Perhaps we have ghosts that only Mouse can see?
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